Acid Erosion


Erosion is the dissolving of the surface of the teeth caused by acids. Acidic drinks and foods and also stomach acids (eating disorders, reflux and GERD) are the cause of acid wear. Overtime, acid erosion will lead the teeth to become thinner, shorter, translucent, yellow, less shiny and prone to chipping and decay. Tooth sensitivity is common with acid erosion, and in severe cases, root canals may be exposed.
Enamel dissolves at a critical pH of 5.5.
The lower the pH value of a food or drink, the more acidic it is.

Top tips to protect your teeth

  • Avoid juices, sparkling water, energy drinks and pop
  • Avoid infusing water with lemon or fruit - opt for mint or cucumber
  • Limit wine, beer and coffee to meal times
  • Use a straw when drinking anything other than water, tea or milk
  • Drink water throughout the day to boost your saliva
  • Limit consumption of  citris fruit or yogurt outside of your 3 main meals
  • Choose chopped vegetables, almonds, garden salad, avocado and cheese
  • If eating fruit, pair it with a piece of cheese to buffer your saliva
  • See your physician to check for reflux or GERD, the symptoms are often silent and first show on your teeth
  • Discuss support options if you have an eating disorder
  • Avoid regularly chewing medications such as aspirin or vitamin C
  • Brush with a soft toothbrush, if using electric choose a sensitive head
  • Choose a high mineral or sensitive toothpaste, avoid whitening types
  • Avoid brushing for 30 mins after any meal
  • If you grind or clench your teeth at night, protect them with a custom mouthguard – ask your dentist today!