While your check-up gets started, our dentist and dental staff offer warm aromatherapy neck wraps, a soothing fountain, refreshments, pillows, personal mp3 players and headphones to bring you serenity, in our dental office's spa-like ambience.

Flossing once a day, brushing your teeth twice-daily, and undergoing these hygiene / cleaning sessions at home everyday, is an excellent habit to have. In addition, paying your dentist regular "dental checkup" visits and allowing us to routinely provide you with general & preventive dental care, in our spa-like atmosphere, will ensure a thoroughly clean, functional and esthetic mouth.

Our modern, serene, and extremely comfortable dental office offers all of our patients their gentle dental check up and cleaning, within a spa setting. Our hygiene, check-up and teeth cleaning services include regular dental examinations, periodontal (gums) and teeth cleanings. With the help of fluoride, professional breath freshening, refreshments, comfortable blankets, and spa inspired gratuities that we encourage you to use.

We hope that your mind will feel as strong and refreshed as your teeth, when we part ways!

Contact our office by for questions, call us (416) 733-0800, or request an appointment, online.

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