Partial, Full and Implant-Supported Dentures

Replacing multiple teeth

No one enjoys having missing teeth. Missing teeth not only make it difficult to chew and speak, they can also affect your self-confidence. DSK Dental offers dentures to effectively and comfortably restore your smile, without any need for surgery. These include:


These are dentures that you can wear when you still have remaining teeth. They stay in place by via clasps that latch onto your remaining, natural, teeth.


These are false teeth that you can wear once all your teeth have been removed. Full dentures can be ‘conventional’, which are dentures that you wear once your mouth has fully healed, or 'immediate', which you can wear immediately after your teeth have been removed.


Several implants are placed into your jawbone. The denture latches onto these implants, allowing it to stay firmly in place. Out of all the denture options, this type of the denture offers the most stability and the most stable fit. 

Our dental team will work with you to determine which denture option is best for your needs. 
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